Collie Resue of Indiana

These are some of our special companions, most of them are rescue dogs.

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Last September '04, I followed a vet tech to Petsmart to get a stray collie they found and had shaved. He was so full of burs it was just easier they said. He was an old dog, around 12 years, and very skinny. He trusted me and let me take him home without a fuss. He only speaks when spoken to. I figured he must have been outside on a tie out due to his constant pacing, which he still does today. As his hair grew back in, so did his confidence. The time I spent brushing conditioner in his new coat, bonded him to me. He brushes up on anyone like a cat, and he loves to cuddle. I love to watch him swirl around after he pretends to dig a spot in the carpet, ending his circling with a big 'plop'down and then the snoring follows. I had just lost my big fluffy male collie a year before, Jasper, so he was very welcome and I ended up just adopting him. He ate pasta and veggies and vitamins every day, which is better than we all do. He enjoyed his Easter egg hunt in the house since it was raining, and he seems to be enjoying the new couch just fine. I was worried as I custom ordered it, "will Telly like this?"

When Telly found out his foster sister Brandy went blind he watched over her while I was at work. He doesn't mind if princess Barbie pushes him away for attention; he just pushes her back. That a boy, Telly!

Telly's natural camouflage; snow!

Telly stalking his first Easter egg!

He found some eggs!

Enjoying a nice drink in this warm weather!

Telly and Barney pose for their upcoming shot in GQ (not really!).

Is Telly smiling at the new couch?

I think he likes it!

He DOES like it!

Telly watches over Brandy because she is blind.
Sadly, Telly passed away on 4/17/06 and all that knew him will miss him. See his Rainbow page here.

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