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In Memoriam of Lily 2-12-05

Starved so deeply and long that she appeared to have come from a prison camp, precious Valentine Lily came to our house to stay. She had pneumonia, her ears were a mess, not much hair left from flea dermatitis and she weighed 30.5 pounds when she arrived. Everyone thought she would bloom here. Instead, she bloomed all of us. This gracious collie-girl was patient, cooperative, interested in life and even played for a few moments yesterday. Then she quietly left us in the afternoon during her nap, crossing the Rainbow Bridge without us. She took no collar, no luggage, no little red velour coat for her trip. Her heart had given out so I gave her mine to use. There are no goodbyes this time because we will never again be far from one another. Thank you Lily, for coming to grace our lives.

Her very Sad Humom-to-be, Tari


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