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Sarah’s collie, Fermoy

My parents decided they wanted a collie as a family pet. We’d had several dogs through the years, usually mixes. My dad loved the collie breed for their intelligence and loyalty. I wanted a collie because every little girl my age loved Lassie! We found an ad in the paper for a collie pup and my parents and I went to check him out. After playing with the 5 month old pups I knew I wanted to bring the blue boy home. Mom, Dad & I left the breeder’s house and started to drive home. We got no further than the stop sign at the end of the street and turned around to go back and get him. After bringing him home we immediately went to show our next door neighbors (my grandparents) the new pup. My grandfather christened our collie with the name of the town where my great-great grandfather was born, Fermoy, Ireland.

Through the years that we had Fermoy he quickly became my dog. We went to obedience class together, and I taught him to jump, fetch, and in general behave like a perfect gentleman...not that he needed much help. He taught me that he couldn’t be left alone with pecan pies, chili or a trash can. I went away to college and whenever I came home for the weekend, I ran to see Fermoy first...he recognized my car and would jump up and vibrate with joy. As he got older, arthritis made him a bit slower getting up and down; however, he’d patiently follow me from room to room just to lie at my feet or stand by my side.

I lost Fermoy in June of 2004 at the age of 11 & ˝ years young. Fermoy is the reason I began volunteering for collie rescue, his steadfastness and patience are the reason I will always love the collie breed.


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