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Brandy, princess "B"

In February 1995, I came accross an add in the paper about sheltie pups and called. I didn't want a pup though, so I asked if she had an adult that needed a home. She did. Brandy, a 4 or 5 year old spayed female, tiny and petrified of the world. When I got to the place, I was in shock. The house was so small, yet she crammed about 40 dogs in it. Brandy had "war wounds" from fighting for food. I informed her of all the health concerns of this dog, so she gave her to me. I think I held Brandy in my arms for 2 months. She followed me everywhere after that, and then I started in rescue and got her a foster brother, Milo, whom we ended up adopting. They were inseparable. After 10 years she has gone fishing, swimming, travled, and grown with our boys. I found out early in 2005 she is almost blind, but that doesn't stop her from joining our herd for playtime. Not sure how much time we have to ravish her with kisses, but every day is a joy. Unfortunately, on 2-2-06, Brandy had a major stroke and I had to let her go on to the comforting hands of God. Sleep peacefully my little princess "B".

Enjoying the sun!

Coming inside or going outside?

A perfect picture!

Another perfect picture!

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