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Volunteer organization dedicated to the Collie breed.

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From Shirley

Barbie caught my eye right away when she was being shown at a young age, and I always gave her special attention when visiting her previous owner’s home. The owner parted with her due to lack of time for her, so she came to live happily ever after with our family. She was a debutante in every way from day one; she insisted on drinking from a glass and having the occasional cup of coffee once in a while when I wasn’t looking, and then put her paws on my shoulder so I would burp her. Her philosophy was if you got up, you lost your chair and just had to deal with it; it instantly became her throne. She told squirrels to stay off her fence and out of her trees, and told the leaves they should not fall on the ground and disturb her sleeping in the sun which she happily did in her lounge chair.
We had her for 8 wonderful years together and I will never forget my princess Barbie.

Sleep peacefully my angel, momma misses you terribly

From the Webmaster

"My first impression of Barbie was that I could tell that she was used to being queen. She was regal and and had an air of quiet dignity about her. When the other collies would start to get out of line, she let them know who's boss, but she always did it with love. I will miss her and I wish that I could have known her better, but she lives in each of those of us whose lives she touched. Sleep well Barbie, I can hardly wait to play with you and the others that have passed on, waiting for us over the Rainbow Bridge."

From the son of the Webmaster

"When I first met her, I could tell that she displayed a lot of affection and love."


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