Collie Resue of Indiana

These are some of our special companions, most of them are rescue dogs.

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Barney, Merlin and Zoe

Barney and Merlin were kept in crates the first few years of their lives and used for breeding. They were very withdrawn and didn't quite trust people. It's a year later and now they both enjoy life and play together with their toys. Barney likes to talk back to the ones that talk to him, but he gets very upset and comes running to mom when "sis" Zoe steals them and wants to play "catch me". Zoe belonged to an older couple and they just couldn't keep up with her so regretfully had to part with her. They still call her to this day and send treats. These dogs are like the three musketeers.

He's small but full of energy!

Another picture of the new couch!

This is what "relaxed" looks like!

You can feel the love!

Zoe and Merlin trade spots on this comfy couch!

Playing in the sun!

Zoe begging

A great picture of Barney!

Another great picture of Barney!

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