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The Collie Rescue of Indiana volunteer picnic was a huge success with 30 human guests and 27 canine guests in attendance. Fun was had by all with plenty of activities to keep the pups busy. Looking forward to the next get together!!!

Group photo-
A representation of the folks and pooches in attendance. Wow what a great day!!!

Lesley, Bethany and Shirley-
The three musketeers

Cathy Fred and Bingo-
Cathy falls in love with Fred.

Patio shot-
Dogs heading out for a romp

Blue sheltie pic-
Princess Tess

Phil and Casey-
Come on Casey!!! You can do it!!!!!

Lois and the winner of the best trick contest!!!!!!!!-
I love my mom !!

Tess on the teeter toter-
The talented Tessa

Cathy and Shirley-
Sometimes ya feel like a nut, sometimes ya dont!

Bill and Carl-
The grillmasters

Sarah and Tralee-
The winners of the best eyes contest!!!

Yet another winner!!

Jojo and Gilbert-
Yeah, you are all wet Jojo, whats up with that?

Jean and Mic-
A heated discussion of the philosophy of rescue!

MicCloud and Winston-
Two of the top dogs!!!!

Jeanne and Holly-
Sharing a treat with mom!!

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